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Ballots Have Arrived! ICNV Endorses Branda Lin for Mayor & Larry Agran for City Council


Tuesday, November 8th is Election Day! In the proud American tradition of local newspapers, Irvine Community News & Views (ICNV) endorses and urges support for those candidates for City office who have earned our community’s trust. 

Irvine Mayoral Candidate Branda Lin

Accordingly, ICNV endorses former Irvine Community Services Commissioner Branda Lin for Mayor of Irvine.  Branda, a longtime community activist, felt compelled to run for Mayor because she believes that Irvine’s local democracy is under attack by well-funded special interests. During her years as an editor and journalist for Irvine Watchdog, Branda helped to shed light on the health concerns of north Irvine residents who are living right next to an asphalt plant (AAA) that emits massive amounts of airborne carcinogens every day. Branda also reported on the incompetence and corruption at the Orange County Power Authority (OCPA), and has exposed Mayor Farrah Khan’s non-existent Climate Action Plan.

Branda Lin is right on the issues; she is smart; she thinks long and hard about the problems facing our community; and she is solutions-oriented, determined to make Irvine an even better place for all of us. Don’t take my word for it.  Take a look at her website — BrandaLinForMayor.com — I think you’ll be impressed.

Irvine Councilmember Larry Agran

Recognizing his proven record of faithful and remarkably effective service to the people of Irvine, ICNV endorses Councilman Larry Agran for re-election to the Irvine City Council. Over the years, Agran has remained committed to Irvine’s master-planning.  He has led the way or had a hand in just about every good thing in Irvine — open space preservation, the Great Park (instead of an airport!), an amazing community park system, and our award-winning senior and childcare centers. Over the years, with Agran’s leadership, Irvine became America’s safest, smartest, greenest city — and America’s most culturally diverse and thoroughly integrated city as well.

Since returning to the Council two years ago, Agran has been the only member of the City Council to call out the incompetence and corruption at OCPA. Agran is the only Councilmember to call for the City’s largest industrial polluter (AAA) to be shut down; and the only member of the Council to advocate for the voter-supported Veterans Memorial Park at the Great Park.

What I personally like best about Larry Agran is the fact that he tells you exactly where he stands on the issues and doesn’t flip-flop once he’s elected. That’s why he’s earned the confidence and trust of the Irvine community. (Agran’s campaign website: LarryAgran.com)

Franklin J. Lunding

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