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Author: Franklin J. Lunding

Turmoil Engulfs Embattled Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan

As publisher of Irvine Community News & Views, from time to time I feel the need to weigh-in personally on important community matters.

Recently, the Voice of OC and Irvine Watchdog have reported on a disturbing 2020 video that has surfaced showing Mayor Farrah Khan attending an event with members of the Turkish community.

In the video, Mayor Khan is seen joking with Ergun Kirlikovali — a notorious Armenian Genocide denier — about making Armenians “disappear.”

Not only did Khan joke with Kirlikovali about making Armenians disappear, the video shows her telling the group that she stands with the Turkish community “no matter what.”

Khan then appointed Kirlikovali to her newly-formed Mayor’s Advisory Council and has been seen at a number of events with Kirlikovali by her side.

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Irvine Through the Decades: Milestones from the 2000s

As the 1990s came to a close, the City found itself in a very difficult — but ultimately successful — battle to preserve our City’s quality of life when the Orange County Board of Supervisors decided they wanted to build a huge, noisy international airport in what is now north Irvine. The proposed flight paths of the 747s would have gone directly over Irvine 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Anyone who lived in Irvine during that time knows how instrumental Irvine Mayor Larry Agran was in defeating that airport.

The next two Irvine Mayors — Beth Krom & Sukhee Kang were also dynamic leaders. Mayor Krom expanded affordable housing, controlled growth, and tripled our City’s “Rainy Day Reserves.” Mayor Kang is responsible for our City’s iShuttle service and ensuring that every child in Irvine had health insurance.

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Irvine Through the Decades: Dark Times for Our City During the 1990s

In 1990, the religious-right took aim at Irvine Mayor Larry Agran, who had authored and won approval for a comprehensive Human Rights Ordinance which was years ahead of other cities and the first of its kind in Orange County.

An aggressive initiative campaign to overturn the Ordinance’s provisions protecting gays and lesbians from discrimination was led by Christina Shea, which resulted in Agran (and Mary Ann Gaido) being defeated in the 1990 Irvine City Council election.

Two years later, Shea secured her own spot on the Council, joining three other newcomers. Just as the national recession set in, the inexperienced new Council made the fateful decision to invest $200 million of Irvine taxpayer money in Orange County’s investment pool. In 1994, the County made front-page news for all the wrong reasons — it became the largest county in America to ever file for bankruptcy. The City of Irvine had invested a whopping $200 million in the fund, far more than any other Orange County city.

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Happy New Year! Here’s to a Healthier & More Productive 2022

The new year provides each of us with an opportunity to reflect on the past while looking toward a more hopeful future.

As we head into 2022, let’s remember that during our City’s first five decades, we accomplished big things!

Let’s continue to do big things in Irvine … together!

We have a chance this year to come together as a community in support of Councilman Larry Agran’s plan to build a beautiful Veterans Memorial Park on the Great Park ARDA site — a vast park filled with trees, trails, memorial gardens, and an aviation museum to honor the City’s rich military history and our veterans.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we began construction of this beautiful Veterans Memorial Park in the first half of 2022?

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