January 27, 2020
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Author: Frank Lunding

Yet Another Bad Idea from Mayor Shea

Under the guise of “adjusting” park and recreational fees charged to Irvine residents, Mayor Christina Shea included a provision in the City’s $200 million budget threatening to ground the popular, iconic Great Park Balloon — unless someone comes up with “private dollars” to pay for its operation and maintenance.

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Thanks to Citizen Activism AB 368 Passes!

Irvine Community News & Views has been reporting on Irvine Mayor Christina Shea’s 5-year crusade to defeat the Veterans Cemetery and hand over the ARDA site in the Great Park to developer FivePoint. Thanks to citizen activism, the community was able to stop her latest attempt to block the Veterans Cemetery.

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Publisher’s Perspective: Do the Right Thing, Right Now!

With the images from the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of D-Day — June 6th — still fresh in our minds, we at Irvine Community News & Views want to take this opportunity to call upon Mayor Christina Shea and the entire Irvine City Council to finally show some real leadership and do the right thing, right now!

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