North Irvine’s Nightmare: The All American Asphalt Plant

My name is Kevin Lien. I am an Irvine native and a retired physician.

In 2018, my wife and I bought what we believed to be our dream home in north Irvine. We were excited to be establishing roots in such a beautiful community — filled with great schools, wonderful neighbors, and plenty of outdoor space for our whole family to enjoy.

However, we soon realized that our “dream home” had been built less than 1.5 miles away from an undisclosed asphalt plant. Our home — and our neighbors’ homes — were frequently inundated with acrid asphalt odors.

I also discovered that All American Asphalt is the biggest polluter in Irvine. The plant emits 221 pounds of benzene and nearly 1,800 pounds of formaldehyde every year. Both chemicals are known human carcinogens.

Irvine may be the “Safest City in America” when it comes to crime statistics, but it is not safe when it comes to the air that children and adults in north Irvine are breathing every day.

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