On January 16th at 5pm, the University Park Library (located at 4512 Sandburg Way) will host a presentation from The Ocean Adventure that the whole family will enjoy, entitled “Antarctica Penguins Expedition.”

The program begins with an introduction to the Antarctic and penguins in particular.  Children are chosen from the audience to demonstrate and compare how Antarctic explorers and Antarctic penguins are adapted to the harsh Antarctic environment to survive.   Specimens and models, and a life-sized King penguin model are used to help demonstrate the unique biology of penguins.

After the demonstrations, undersea explorers, Wayne and Karen Brown, will take the audience on their thrilling adventure in search of penguins around the frigid White Continent — Antarctica, via an exciting and fast-paced, high-definition digital video presentation.

This free event is open to all ages.  No registration is required.

To learn more, call the library at (949) 786-4001.

ICNV Staff