We are sad to report that Steve Layton, a longtime Irvine resident, civic activist, and contributing cartoonist to Irvine Community News & Views, passed away this summer after a long illness.

Steve Layton contributed to the betterment of the entire Irvine community in many ways. A family man and a successful businessman into his eighties, Steve made time to be active in his homeowners association, supportive of the theater arts at UCI, and a remarkable contributor to Irvine Community News & Views.

His cartoons appeared frequently in ICNV, helping to highlight troubling issues in Irvine (and sometimes beyond) in colorful and typically humorous ways.

Steve leaves a rich legacy of cartoons from the past several years — a few of them re-published here. Where appropriate, we will continue to re-purpose and re-publish his cartoons.  We are grateful that Steve Layton was — and still is — a part of our extended ICNV “family.”


Frank Lunding

Franklin J. Lunding is the founding Publisher and Editor of Irvine Community News & Views. A lawyer and businessman, Mr. Lunding has served on the Irvine Planning Commission and, prior to that, as Chair of the Irvine Transportation Commission.
Frank Lunding

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