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SportsWatch: 2016-2017 Highlights


In 2017, Irvine has a lot to look forward to in local sports. The long-promised new sports fields at the Great Park are expected to finally be ready this year.  This summer, we should see a lot more field availability for Irvine athletes.  That’s why next month I’ll be taking a closer look at issues surrounding the allocation of
Great Park sports fields.

But for now, I want to look back at my favorite sports highlight of 2016.  In August, the new Los Angeles Rams professional football team held their training camp at UC Irvine. Every year, NFL teams choose different cities for their pre-season training camps. Luckily for us, the Rams chose Irvine.

Like a lot of other local sports fans, I was able to swing by UCI and watch the athletes go through their preparations. For weeks, UCI was in a frenzy, accommodating the pros with newly built facilities. While the Rams had a rough season, the franchise is in Southern California to stay, awaiting the opening of their new stadium in Inglewood in 2019. Meanwhile, I know I speak for Irvine and Orange County football fans when I say it’s great to have the Rams nearby. Go, Rams! Let’s get behind this history-rich NFL team for the 2017-2018 season.

Joel Smith


Irvine, CA
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