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Author: Roger Bloom

Live Nation Won’t Be Operating Amphitheater in the Great Park

On Tuesday (July 25th), the Irvine City Council decided that Live Nation will not be operating a 14,000-seat amphitheater in the Great Park.

On a 3-2 vote on a motion by Councilmember Larry Agran, the City Council declared the long-running and controversial negotiation with Live Nation terminated. Agran was joined by Councilmembers Kathleen Treseder and Tammy Kim in voting for the motion while Mayor Farrah Khan and Councilmember Mike Carroll voted against it.

The successful motion directed City staff to return to the Council with a “process and timeline” for reviewing and approving an amphitheater of 8,000-10,000 seats, with a house sound system under City control.

The facility is to be managed by a third-party operator that is not a promoter so that the new facility will be available to all promoters and presenters.

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The 1931 Meeting Between Einstein & Michelson in Irvine

One evening in March 1931, a lone car made its way along an unlighted road in “the wilds of Santa Ana,” as one passenger later described it, toward the vast open space of the Irvine Ranch.

When it arrived at the Ranch, the car pulled up to an odd two-story wooden building from which a 3-foot-wide metal pipe extended as far as the eye could see into the darkness.

The car door opened and Albert Einstein stepped out into the dim lamplight from the scientific station, to be greeted by another giant of 20th century physics, Dr. Albert Michelson. (Michelson Drive in Irvine is named after Dr. Albert Michelson.)

Michelson came to the Irvine Ranch in 1929 after doing a series of experiments at the Mt. Wilson Observatory to measure the speed of light. Not satisfied with those results, Michelson proposed — and was awarded funding for — a mile-long vacuum tube with mirrors at each end to bounce a light beam back and forth many times to get a more accurate measurement of its speed.

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Irvine’s Robotics Team Wins World Championship

The Irvine robotics team Flying Cheese — a pairing of Ezra Wang and Kenneth Zhang — is once again on top of the robotics world.

This year, the team repeated as a division champion in the elementary division at the 2023 VEX-IQ world robotics competition in Dallas.

To win, the pair had to design, build and code a robot to complete a set of specific tasks in 60 seconds. The course this year involved collecting plastic discs from different containers around the game board and and then disgorging the discs into a target area of the board.

Ezra and Kenneth, who both attend Turtle Rock Elementary School, spent a year developing and honing their robot, as they competed first at the county level, then state and national, and finally at the world championship.

“We ran the game thousands of times by the time we got to the world finals,” Ezra said, troubleshooting the whole way.

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It’s Official: Construction of the Veterans Memorial Park & Gardens on the ARDA Site at the Great Park Has Begun!

After more than a decade of developer schemes, political battles, and ballot measures, the work of transforming the Great Park’s 125-acre “ARDA” site on the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) began in earnest on Tuesday, May 23rd. At the sound of an air horn at 10:50am, demolition of abandoned military base buildings got underway at the future site of the Veterans Memorial Park & Gardens.

The moment was a culmination for Councilmember Larry Agran and many of the 250 people who gathered on the site for the groundbreaking ceremony. Present were veterans of not only our nation’s military, but also of the political battles and initiative campaigns that first overturned a County plan to put an international airport at the former base and then successfully locked-in the Veterans Memorial Park & Gardens as part of the Great Park.

Councilmember Mike Carroll — who also serves as Chair of the Great Park Board of Directors — paid tribute to the “intense grassroots campaign to block the creation of an international airport” and called the day “an important milestone” in the development of a truly Great Park “driven entirely by the community.”

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