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Latest News & Featured Articles

Why Isn’t the City on the Residents’ Side in North Irvine?

For more than four years, the national non-profit Non-Toxic Neighborhoods (NTN) and an Irvine resident-led organization Stop Toxic Air Pollutants (STAP) have been fighting for air safe to breathe for north Irvine residents from what the South Coast Air Quality District says is the largest polluter of carcinogens in Orange County — the All American Asphalt plant.

So, why is Irvine allowing a non-compliant polluter to continue to operate within Irvine's city limits?

To discuss the matter, I sat down with Irvine City Councilmember Larry Agran.

Councilman Agran is a Harvard-educated public interest attorney who served as Chief Legal Counsel for the California State Senate Health Committee and later wrote a book, The Cancer Connection, which includes two chapters on a very similar situation where residents were exposed to industrial carcinogens.

  • Science & Technology

The Insanity of Expanding Nuclear Energy

Former nuclear regulatory top dogs from the United States, France, Germany and Great Britain issued a joint statement in January strenuously opposing any expansion of nuclear power as a strategy to combat climate change. Why? There is not a single good reason to build new nuclear plants. Here are 10 solid reasons not to.

Community Spotlight

Arts in Irvine

The Opera at UCI

The opera The Impresario, composed by W. A. Mozart, was recently performed by the students of vocal arts at UCI’s Claire Trevor School of the Arts.

Veterans Corner

Veterans Corner: An Update on the State Veterans Cemetery

If you have followed the saga of the Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery, you know that there have been endless efforts to move our promised Veterans Cemetery from the ARDA site — the site overwhelmingly preferred and approved by Irvine veterans and voters.

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