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Vice Mayor Larry Agran Proposes a “Living Wage” for the City’s Lowest Paid Workers

During the June 11th City Council meeting, Vice Mayor Larry Agran proposed a pay increase for the City's lowest-wage workers.

Many of the City's workers who perform critical services — including childcare workers, maintenance workers, and seasonal park & recreation workers — currently earn about $16.50 an hour. Under Agran's proposal, those workers would earn a "living wage" of $20 per hour.

Agran estimated the cost to the City for the pay raise to be between $200,000 and $300,000. That money would come from the City's reserve fund, which currently stands at nearly $70 million — which is a very healthy 24% above the City's annual operating budget.

Agran — who established the City's reserve fund when he was previously Mayor — wants the fund to be drawn down to 21% or 22%, allowing for those dollars to be "invested in our workers and city services."

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