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IUSD Hybrid Learning Update


It’s now been several weeks since students returned to Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) schools.

I personally attend Woodbridge High, the school with the most students on campus on any given day with over 1,000 students and faculty back on campus.

These past weeks have given me a better understanding of hybrid learning.  There are some classes that greatly benefit from being in the classroom, such as physics and Spanish.  Being in a lab with my physics classmates allows us to partake in lab work together, and practicing Spanish with fellow students definitely helps.

However, other classes don’t see much of a benefit.  With wi-fi constantly going out (last week, the wi-fi cut out every single day), it’s been very difficult for students at home to engage.  And, many of my teachers have had to resort to using their personal devices like cell phones.  I can’t imagine how schools in less affluent communities are dealing with this issue.

The web-cams provided by the school district are blurry as well, so teachers trying to use white-boards have experienced extreme difficulty.  I’ve noticed that math and science classes have been most negatively impacted by this issue.

Fortunately, teachers and students alike are doing their very best to figure out how to maximize efficiency.  For example, my physics teacher records a lecture — complete with practice problems & examples — so that students can watch it on their days at home.  When we are in the classroom, we complete labs and experiments to get hands-on practice.

Overall, I don’t feel like being able to see my friends again has been worth the stress, the health dangers, and the wi-fi distractions that students and teachers have had to deal with as part of this new hybrid learning.

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