Family Autism Night

Monday, Jun 24, 2019

5:00pm – 7:30pm

Our Autism Nights provide an opportunity for children and their families to have some fun in an autism-friendly environment with other families!

Time: 5:00-7:30p.m.

Developmental Goal: Prosocial – Enhance your child’s positive actions that benefit others, prompted by empathy, moral values, and a sense of personal responsibility!

Specifically, for: Families with children of all ages who are on the autism spectrum; Pretend City will be closed to the general public

Many of our community partners, who specialize in supporting children on the autism spectrum, will be on-hand to enrich your family’s play experience with welcoming smiles and practical support. Watch a video tour of our museum here.

This month’s activities will include:
• Marine Lab Touch Tank (5:00-7:00pm): This educator-led experience allows guests to touch and observe marine animals in a mobile touch pool. The goal of the CUI Marine Lab Outreach Program is to improve the Ocean Literacy of students, teachers, and the public in Orange County.

Play Partners: CUI Marine Lab, Pretendgineers and Brain Builders, our experienced stage staff of trained early childhood and child development educators, and grown-ups!
Grown-up Tip:  When objects have a clearly defined “space” into which they belong or have a predictable function, you may find that children with autism will be more engaged and interested in participating. Example activities are those in which children are required to build something (ex. blocks) or place items in a particular manner (ex. puzzles). Make sure that you give plenty of wait time to allow your child to process, plan and respond. This may ensure that you do not miss communicative attempts.

RSVP: Register Link to be provided; max: 300 guests

*Only guests with a reservation and a confirmation number will be admitted.

Pretend City.
Info: 949-428-3900

Event Location

Pretend City
29 Hubble
Irvine, CA92618

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