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Things To Do In Irvine This Weekend

Friday March 23

High School Art Exhibit Opening Reception
Irvine Fine Arts Center
Info: 949-724-6880

Saturday March 24

Intro to Cardio Hike
Black Star Canyon
7-9:30am. Registration Required
Info: LetsGoOutside.org

Sunday March 25

Persian New Year Festival
Bill Barber Memorial Park
Info: 949-431-6858


Quote of the Week by Harris Kershnar:

“Your vote is your loudest voice.  Make some noise!”  [Adapted from various sources]

Game of the Week:

*Irvine Valley College Women’s Beach Volleyball: Friday, March 23rd @ 10am, 12pm, & 2pm @ Irvine Valley College

Smith’s Picks by Joel Smith:

*Restaurants: Korean BBQ. There are a lot of Korean BBQ restaurants in Irvine, but here are two of my favorites:  Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong, in the shopping center off Culver and the 5 freeway, right on the corner of Scottsdale and Culver. This is a more upscale Korean BBQ place but unlike some all you can eat Korean BBQ restaurants, they cook the food for you right at your table on a hot grill. Another option is Honey Pig Korean BBQ in the Cypress Village Shopping Center, off Jeffrey and the 5 freeway, between Roosevelt and Trabuco. At this restaurant, you have to do a little cooking, yourself, at the table, but it isn’t quite as expensive as Kang Ho Dong. I highly recommend the spicy pork belly.

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