Have you heard about Irvine’s “Community Police Academy,” or CPA?  I heard about it through a local website and thought I’d look into it.  It is a program put on for anyone in the community and is led by the Irvine Police Department (IPD).

The CPA is a 9 week program, offered twice a year.  Every week officers from each of the many IPD departments come and present insight into their team’s area of responsibilities and how they have been selected, trained and work together as a team.  Each meeting is action-packed, with hands-on demonstrations so you can see and experience first-hand what the work of the police looks like from the perspective of the officer.  You’ll learn when to choose between using lethal force, a taser gun, or pepper spray.  You’ll learn how to investigate a crime scene and search for and arrest the bad guy, and you’ll watch up close how the SWAT squad rescues a hostage.  You will also get to ride along with a police officer in a patrol car.

I’ve just completed the course (Class 28), myself, and want to thank Sergeant Mike Fender and Officer James Do, the Academy coordinators.  Together they orchestrated the program material and coordinated with the various departments so the information presented was enlightening, relevant and fun.  You really gain insight into the split-second decisions that have to be made, the related stress and pressure associated with being a police officer, and how Irvine selects and trains its officers to form the best Police Department possible.

This class might very well convince you to go into law-enforcement.  For me, since I can’t turn back the clock to join the IPD, the best I can do is to lend my time in support of the many volunteer activities that are available.

Irvine’s Community Police Academy, Class 28 – with the Irvine Swat Team. Avram Grossman is standing in the middle row, fourth person from the right, wearing the red and dark-gray striped shirt.

Classes meet once a week in the evening and are well worth your time.  No homework or study is required, either.  There is even a one-week, intensive, summer CPA class for teens, ages 14-19, starting July 24-28 from 8am-12noon.  Hurry and sign up your kids.  For more information and to sign up for the next teen CPA course, please visit:  http://www.cityofirvine.org/irvine-police-department/teen-community-police-academy

For information on the next adult class, please visit: http://www.cityofirvine.org/irvine-police-department/community-police-academy.

Avram Grossman

Avram Grossman is an active participant in the University Park and Irvine communities. He is an IT consultant specializing in application software development, QuickBook, and business technology integration. He is a member of Orange County Beekeepers Association and an avid bee advocate.
Avram Grossman