Hidden Features Revealed


  1. Add photos or attachments to email

Hold your finger anywhere in the text.  See the pop-up and tap the little triangle on the right to find Insert Photo or Video.

Or tap Add Attachment to be taken to iCloud Drive.  Select a file from that iCloud Drive.
Tap Locations OneDrive, Dropbox, or other cloud storage.  Attach any type of file that can be stored in the cloud: Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, PDF, etc.

  1. Temporarily set aside an email

While composing an email, swipe down to temporarily remove it from screen so that the inbox and other emails are visible.  Tap the bar at the bottom to resume editing the email.

3. Draft emails

Save a draft of an email in progress: tap Cancel → Save Draft.

Quickly access a saved email Draft: touch and hold the Compose button in the lower right corner (the little square with the pencil inside).  It will open a list of saved Drafts; resume composing unfinished or unsent emails.

  1. Drag email addresses between various fields in the address portion of the email when creating, replying to or forwarding an email: hold your finger on one of the addresses until it turns into a blue bubble, and then drag it to another field. For example, drag from the To: field to the Cc: or Bcc:
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