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Jake’s iPhone Tips: Tips On Using The iPhone Calendar App


This is one of a series of articles I’ve written on how to get the most out of your iPhone.  I have been using iPhones for more than six years and have discovered hundreds of useful features within this marvelous device.  These articles will help you discover the hidden power of your iPhone.

Hidden Features Revealed

Tips On Using The iPhone Calendar App

#1: Time Zones

Start and End times can be set to two different time zones, such as for an airline flight.

#2: Drag Events to Change Times and Dates

In the day or week view, change an event’s time, date or duration by holding your finger on the event until the color intensifies.  Drag the event to a new time, new day, or drag a handle dot on the top or bottom of the event rectangle to change the duration.

#3: Show More or Fewer Hours

Show more or fewer hours in the day view by pinching with two fingers in or out in the day or week view.

#4: Custom Repeats

Create custom repeats such as third Tuesday, or last weekday of the month, etc.  In Edit → Repeat → Custom.

#5: Week View

From any view, rotate the iPhone to landscape orientation to see three to seven days, depending on your screen size.

#6: Change the Time Selector Increments to One Minute

When editing an event, double tap the time selector to select between

1-minute steps (…28 29 30 31 32…)


5-minute steps (…20 25 30 35 40…)

#7: Enter Event Spanning Multiple Days

Set an event that spans many contiguous days, such as a convention or vacation: set the end date of a single event to the last day, rather than setting a daily repeating event.

#8: Add an Alternate Calendar

There are three options for alternate Calendars: Chinese, Hebrew, and Islamic. When enabled, the alternate calendar’s dates will appear underneath the Gregorian calendar dates in day, week, and month views. Go to Settings → Calendars → CALENDARS → Alternate Calendars → [Off, Chinese, Hebrew, Islamic]. In month view, the first day of the alternate calendar’s month is highlighted.

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