Hidden Features Revealed


  1. Take a picture: tap the on-screen shutter button or press either volume button. Pictures are placed into the Photos app Camera Roll.  You can even use the volume buttons on the earbuds.
  2. Burst mode: Hold down the shutter release or a volume button.
  3. Top Row feature buttons

1               2              3              4              5

  1. Flash: Auto, On or Off. When should the iPhone’s flash be used? Answer: almost never!
  2. HDR: tap to turn on or off High Dynamic Range, which takes three quick shots at long, normal and short exposures and blends them into a single, optimal photo.
  3. Live Photos: On or Off. A snippet of animation is captured in each photo.
  4. Self-timer: set 3 or 10 Takes a short burst.
  5. Toggle between rear and front (selfie) cameras.
  6. Bottom Row formats

ß6   7           8           9          10         11

Tap or slide the selector labels above the shutter to select …

  1. TIME-LAPSE – the camera automatically selects the best frame rate.
  2. SLO-MO – select 120 or 240 fps in Settings.
  3. VIDEO – record HD video, tap the record button or a volume button. Tap again to stop recording. Turn the “flash fill light” on and off any time during the capturing of a video.
  4. PHOTO – rectangular format pictures.
  5. SQUARE – format pictures (for Facebook and Instagram).
  6. PANO – Hold the iPhone in the vertical orientation. Tap the shutter release or a volume button and pan left-to-right. The iPhone will automatically create a panoramic picture.

>> When panning left-to-right, keep the arrow centered on the horizontal line. If you pan too fast, a prompt will warn you to slow down.

>> Tap the arrow to change the pan direction right-to-left.

If you have an iPhone 7 Plus, you also have PORTRAIT format, that will blur the background while keeping the subject in sharp focus.

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