This is the seventh in a series of articles on how to get the most out of your iPhone. I have been using iPhones for more than five years and have discovered hundreds of useful features within this marvelous device. These articles will help you discover the hidden power of your iPhone.


To ask Siri anything, hold your finger on the home button until you get the Siri prompt, and continue to hold your finger on the home button until you have completely asked your question, then release the button to hear the response.

Continuing to hold the home button while you talk prevents Siri from trying to answer before you have completed your question. Ask Siri, “What can I ask you?” Siri will list all the apps and subjects for which she can help you.  Tap on an app or subject icon to see a list of sample queries.

Here are just a few random examples of queries Siri can answer, beginning with my favorite:

  • “What song is playing?” Siri will listen to any commercially recorded music she hears and will name that tune.
  • “What’s an 18% tip on $56?”
  • “Read me this email.”
  • “Call Emily’s mobile.”
  • “How late is Trader Joe’s open?”
  • “When is the next game at Angel’s Stadium?”
  • “Send a Message to Susan Smith saying I’ll be late.”
  • “Find my photos from Hawaii.”
  • “What movies are playing nearby?”
  • “Play the Beatles.”
  • “Set an alarm for 6:30 a.m.”
  • “Set the timer for 8 minutes.”
  • “What is Emily’s address?”
  • “Turn on airplane mode.”
  • “Search the Web for pink elephants.”
  • “What is 23 times 56?”
  • “How many liters in a gallon?”
  • “Find The Hobbit books in iBooks.”

And on…and on…and on….

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