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Jake’s iPhone Tips: Part One


This is the first of a series of articles on how to get the most out of your iPhone. I have been using iPhones for more than five years and have discovered hundreds of useful features within this marvelous device. These articles will help you discover the hidden power of your iPhone.

Personal Keyboard Shortcuts

Entering and editing text is the most useful—and often most frustrating—iPhone feature. My favorite method is dictation, but it is not always convenient to talk aloud. So I have to type on the keyboard. I will explore in the next few articles how to ease the burden of typing on the tiny iPhone keyboard — and make it fun. These methods will work in any app where the keyboard appears, such as Mail, Notes, Messages, Contacts, Calendar, Safari,
and others.

Here is how to use and create your own customized text replacement shortcuts for words or phrases you often use: Notice that there are three predictive boxes just above the keyboard that suggest words or phrases when you begin typing a new word. This tip shows you how to customize what suggestion appears in the middle predictive box.

For example when I type jj, the middle box displays Jake Jacobs. When I tap the space bar, Jake Jacobs is inserted into my text.

If I want to insert thank you very much, I type: tyv. Or for my email address I merely type: eml. Or my mailing address: addr. Or my home phone number: hp. Create shortcuts for any words, names, numbers or phrases you use regularly. It’s a great time-saver!

Create Your Own Custom Keyboard Shortcuts: Tap the Settings icon on your home screen, then tap General, and so on through each screen. Here is the shortcut notation I will be using for this: Settings ’ General ’ Keyboard ’ Text Replacement.Tap the + button in the upper right corner, then add a new phrase and assign a shortcut to it. Tap Save in the upper right corner. Tap the + to create each text replacement shortcut. Give it a try. Have fun!

NOTE:  If you would like more information on Jake’s workshops, check out his website at JakeAir.weebly.com for the current schedule. Email Jake at JakeAir@cox.net.

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