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“Do not disturb while driving!”

Here’s how this nifty “Do not disturb while driving” option works.  When the iPhone detects that you’re driving — because it’s connected to your phone’s Bluetooth, or because the phone detects motion — it prevents any notifications (alert messages from your apps) from showing up to distract you.

If someone texts you, they get an auto-response, something like:  “I’m driving. I’ll see your message when I get where I’m going.”  Note that you can designate certain people as VIPs; if they text the word “urgent” to you, their messages break through the blockade.

To set up the “Do not disturb while driving” option:

Go to Settings → DO NOT DISTURB WHILE DRIVING → Activate → [choose from Automatically, When Connected to Car Bluetooth, or Manually]

You can select who receives an automatic reply and create the canned message that is sent.

Go to Settings → DO NOT DISTURB WHILE DRIVING → Auto-Reply To and Auto-Reply

You can add a manual Do Not Disturb While Driving icon on your Control Center.

Go to Settings → Control Center → Customize Controls and move the Do Not Disturb While Driving control to the INCLUDE list by tapping the green circle +

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