Distinctive Voices: White rino reproduction: a new recipe for success?

Wednesday, Jan 29, 2020

7:00pm – 8:30pm

Distinctive Voices Lecture

White rhino reproduction: a new recipe for success?

San Diego Zoo Global has a long-standing history of successfully breeding southern white rhinoceros (SWR). With nearly 100 calves born since the early 1970’s, our SWR conservation breeding program is the most productive outside of Africa. However, the world’s ex situ SWR population has struggled to become self-sustaining, due to low rates of fertility for females born in managed settings. For decades, the cause of this phenomenon has remained elusive. In this talk, Dr. Christopher Tubbs will present San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research’s Reproductive Sciences group’s work investigating the relationship between diet and fertility in SWR and highlight the steps taken to solve this problem. Finally, he will present an overview of SDZG’s Northern White Rhino Initiative for which exciting new assisted reproductive technologies are being developed to save SWR’s closely related cousin, the critically endangered northern white rhino, from the brink of extinction.

» Christopher W. Tubbs, Ph.D., Associate Director, Reproductive Sciences, San Diego Zoo Global Institute for Conservation Research

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Beckman Center
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