Tu B’Shevat

Sunday, Jan 20, 2019

11:00am – 3:30pm

Tu B’Shevat on Sunday, January 20

Happy New Year to the trees! Join us as we learn about the unique Jewish holiday, Tu B’Shevat. Today we will pay respect to some of the customs of Tu B’Shevat by incorporating the seven species into our educational activities.
• Art Studio Sessions (all day): Stand Up Tree > Trees symbolize strength, beauty, and eternal life. We invite you to add to our community tree as we adorn it with bright colors and materials.
• Math Matters (11:00am): Tree Leaf Sorting > Number concepts are crucial skills for school readiness. Let’s practice sorting tree leaves by color, size, and similarities.
• Cooking Up Culture (2:00pm): Tu B’Shevat Tasting > It is customary to eat from the seven species on Tu B’Shevat. Introduce your taste buds to new flavors during this tasting in the Real Cafe.
• Cultural Connection (3:30pm): Community Tree Planting > Let’s come together to leave a lasting impact. We’ll begin by reading It’s Tu B’Shevat or Happy Birthday Tree, A Tu B’Shevat Story then we’ll gather in the farm to participate in a community tree planting activity.
Grown-up Tip: Who said that tree hugging was just for hippies? Encourage your child to hug a tree today and thank the tree for the clean air that we breathe.  We need trees for so many reasons; talk with your child about all of the ways that we use trees in our daily lives.

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Pretend City Children’s Museum.
Info: 949-428-3900

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Pretend City Children’s Museum
29 Hubble
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