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Author: Dr. Kev Abazajian

Orange County Power Authority CFO Makes Demonstrably Inaccurate Statement on Risk Exposure

The City of Irvine did something very notable on February 8, 2022. The City Council voted unanimously to have the default choice for the City, businesses, and residents to be 100% renewable electricity from the Orange County Power Authority (OCPA).

As a concerned scientist and member of the City of Irvine’s Green Ribbon Environmental Committee, I am very happy Irvine took this step forward.

However, there was an important question posed by Councilmember Larry Agran at the meeting.

The CFO said that the pricing models from OCPA were based on a 5% opt-out rate for residents, and 10% for businesses. Agran asked what happens if the opt-out rate is higher than expected?

CFO Law stated, “If it increases [more] than our expectation or our assumption, it won’t have a significant financial impact, because the revenue will match with all the costs of energy.” That statement is demonstrably inaccurate.

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Every Disaster Movie Starts with Government Officials Ignoring Scientists: The All American Asphalt Plant is Irvine’s Disaster

The Irvine Company wants to build hundreds of new homes and a daycare center within a half-mile from an asphalt plant. The plant’s operations have resulted in more than 1,000 complaints from residents in north Irvine.

There is a meme that states every disaster movie starts with the government ignoring scientists. The All American Asphalt plant is our local disaster.

According to the California Air Resources Board emission data, All American Asphalt is the single largest air polluting business in Irvine. Their plant emits 8 tons of volatile organic compounds (VOC), 221 pounds of benzene, and nearly 1800 pounds of formaldehyde per year. (Benzene and formaldehyde are known human carcinogens.)

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Irvine’s Continuing Commitment to Protect the Environment

The City of Irvine has a long history of leading when it comes to protecting the environment.  In fact, the very first ordinance passed by the City Council after its founding was limiting the removal of trees in the City.  The City logo itself shows a balance between a family and our natural surroundings.

By signing on to the Paris Climate Agreement, Irvine has an obligations to reduce its carbon emissions as soon as possible, and it has several pathways to do so.  The first step is to identify the goal, which is decreasing our full carbon emissions by half in the next seven years, and to zero by 2035 in order to have a good shot at staying below the 1.5°C Paris-Agreement limit in global temperature. 

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Guest Column: Enough is Enough! Recall Shea & Carroll!

As Irvine residents, we have had enough! We have had enough of the duplicity, the political games, and the disregard for our votes and even our right to vote. We have had enough of the corrupting influence of developer money that funds City Council candidates at exorbitant levels.

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